About us

A Historical Perspective

MedNow, Inc. is a for-profit stock corporation with an independent Board of Directors. The only shareholders are affiliates of the Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI).

MedNow, Inc. was formed in 1984 when the first venture was established; a freestanding urgent care center on the Nampa/Caldwell Boulevard. Later, Mercy Homecare Services was opened for business in 1985 providing durable medical equipment to patients in the home. In 1990 MedNow expanded into the Boise market opening a durable medical equipment retail location. Realizing the need to provide a wider range of services, MedNow opened its first retail pharmacy and home infusion operation in November of 1995. This operation was designed to integrate services for patients in the home. In 1996, another retail pharmacy was opened in Nampa. In 1997, a DME location owned by an affiliate of CHI was merged into MedNow, providing service to patients in Ontario, Oregon. Additional retail pharmacies were opened in Fruitland, ID in 1998 and at Mercy North, Nampa, ID in 1999.

MedNow operates three Home Medical Equipment retail stores, five public retail pharmacies and a home infusion pharmacy. In July 2003 MedNow partnered with Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center and we currently manage the outpatient retail pharmacy which is located on the Saint Alphonsus’s campus. Most recently MedNow has expanded to offer our services in Eagle, Idaho. In October 2007 MedNow opened a combination retail pharmacy and HME site which is conveniently located in the Saint Alphonsus Eagle Health Plaza located at 323 E. Riverside Drive, Suite 120, stop by and see us! MedNow is a proven provider of integrated healthcare services. MedNow is your full-service home care solution.


The following is the “Mission” of MedNow, Inc.:

1. To be creative and courageous innovators in the delivery and promotion of quality outreach health services designed to meet human needs.

2. To visibly impart God’s love as exemplified in the spirit of mercy by promoting the dignity of all persons.

3. To provide a positive return to the Shareholder to assist the Shareholder in achieving its Mission.

Goals and Purpose

The goal of MedNow, Inc. is to serve our customers/clients with a commitment to quality products; sensitivity to their needs; and give cheerful, enthusiastic service to everyone. We strive to serve as a primary catalyst for expanding services to the community.


MedNow, Inc.’s vision is to create an integrated company comprised of outpatient healthcare therapies, services, and equipment which will live out its mission by transforming traditional health care to home care and creating new services that promote healthy communities.