Healthcare Associations and Partners

MedNow Medical Supply and Home Infusion locations are accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO); which means that we are held to the highest patient care standards in healthcare. Tri-annually we undergo a comprehensive survey to assure compliance with national standards. Choosing a JCAHO accredited organization, like MedNow Medical Supply and Home Infusion, provides assurance that you receive the highest standards of care.

We are members of the American Association of Home Care, AA Homecare, who works to strengthen access to healthcare in the homes of millions of Americans. AAHomecare is the only national association that represents every line of service in the homecare community, including home health and home medical equipment providers, respiratory and infusion therapy, telemedicine, telehealth, rehab and assistive technology, and hospice.

MedNow Home Infusion also belongs to the National Home Infusion Association, NHIA. NHIA is a trade association that represents and advances the interests of organizations and individuals that provide infusion and specialized pharmacy products and services to the entire spectrum of home-based patients.