Med Now Medical launches office in Asia for distribution of health insurance and medical products

China Hospital

The team at MedNow Medical are very happy to announce our partnership with Asia Health and its China office for distribution of China health insurance and medical products across China and the wider Asia pacific region.

Bill Beck The President and CEO of MedNow Medical was in Shanghai for the signing of contracts, and memorandum of understandings between MedNow Medical and Asia Health along with discussing in depth future operations and cooperation between both parties. Both companies with Share office space in Shanghai’s downtown SOHO Donghai Plaza.

Bill is no stranger to doing business in China as Bill was stationed in Beijing as an expat in his early career working in the supply chain of medical products export to the international markets and was happy to return to China and see its developing medical products and health insurance industry.

Bill also spent some time on his trip to China to meet with current expats living in China to discuss issues regarding expat life and medical care for expats living in China with their families.

MedNow Medical China
SOHO Donghai Plaza, 43/F, 299 Tongren Lu, near Nanyang Lu



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